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Our gynaecology consulting room now equipped with one of the most innovative ultrasound scanners!


Trying to keep up with technological advances and information technology progress, we’ve equipped our gynaecology consulting room with one of the newest and most modern ultrasound scanners, i.e. Voluson E6. more

Gibiec Dentistry is now a member clinic of Implant Masters Poland!


Dr Sebastian Gibiec is a graduate of the postgraduate Master of Oral Implantology studies and also one of the founders and members of Implant Masters Poland: the elite association of implantology masters. more

If you’re pregnant, here’s what you need to know


Our hygienists developed a special dental care programme for pregnant women. During your visits to our centre, one in each trimester, you’ll find out how you can enhance proper development of your baby’s teeth and also how you can take care of yourself to keep a healthy smile.


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Medical and dental implant centre

S-medi is a multi-specialist medical practice in the centre of Cieszyn, Poland. Our doctors provide services in dentistry, dental implantology, gynaecology, psychiatry, urology, ophthalmology and gastroenterology.

We also offer X-ray diagnostics, 3D computed tomography and ultrasound scans of kidneys, prostate and bladder.

Our gynaecologists specialise in prevention and treatment of diseases in women, including infertility, and they provide professional pregnancy care. We take gynaecological ultrasound scans as well as baby scans which can be recorded as a DVD video.

Our dental services include implants, cosmetic treatments, prosthetics, surgery and preventive care.

Detailed information about the medical services available in our centre can be found on the relevant pages of this website.

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